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TeenPatti Online App :–In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the very best and interesting Teen Patti & Rummy Application. With the help of which you can earn very good money, for more information about this app or to download it, You can play all these games in 3 Patti Online Game. Here the games run very smart and smooth, no lag or hang is seen. go below Fore More Information Download APK

TeenPatti Online in Brief 

TeenPatti Online in Brief 

Friends Online Teen Patti App is a New Launched App which has been launched today. Inside this app you get the support of 16 games. Where you will find many games that are in one card app. Here o all the games will be found. Which you want to play. It is operated by China , this company has launched many apps inside the market. Which you probably already know about.

All those apps still pay for it. Within the 3 patti Online Apk , you can take your winning money to your bank and UPI instantly. This app takes maximum TIME 5 Minutes to make your payment successfully and get your payment done. Along with this, it also gives you live telegram support.

How Many Type of Games in Teen Patti Online App ?

As you know, Teen Patti Online App is an Online Casino and Gambling Application, in this you get to see all types of Card Games, which you can easily earn money by playing –

How Many Type of Games in Teen Patti Online App

The Following Games are Found Inside This Application.

  • Rummy
  • 10 Cards
  • Teen Patti
  • Variation
  • Dragon Vs Tiger
  • Andar Bahar
  • 7 Up Down
  • Car Roulette
  • Best Of Five
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Teenpatti 20-20
  • Poker
  • Bacarrat
  • Fruit Line 
  • Fishing Rush
  • 3 Card Poker

How to Register in Teen Patti Online App?

  • First of all download the app from the download link given below.
  • Then install and open it.
  • Now create an account with your Facebook account or mobile number.
  • Immediately you will get a bonus of ₹ 10 for free as well as on Refer & Earn and after clicking on Sign In, enter the phone number and click on Send, now an OTP will come, fill it in the box and click on Confirm Now you will get a bonus of ₹ 20.
  • Now your account has become successful.

Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Online App

Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Online App

You get Sign-Up Bonus on creating a new account inside this application. If you download from the link given below by us, then you will get a bonus of Rs.41.

And not only this, you can also earn a lifetime bonus of 30% in this app.

How To Refer & Earn In Teen Patti Online App ?

How To Refer & Earn In Teen Patti Online App

With Sign-Up Bonus inside this app, you can get a bonus of Rs.20 on each of your friends’ invite with the help of Refer & Earn.

Not only this, you can also earn a Lifetime Bonus of 30% when your friends recharge (Add Cash) in this app.Here you get commission of many Level’s (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) with the help of which you can earn best.

How To Add Cash In Teen Patti Online App ?

How To Add Cash In Teen Patti Online App

As you all know that to earn more money,you have to invest money too,then you have to add cash.For this you can use Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Other UPI as well as Net Banking Or You can add cash with the help of mobile banking.

How to Withdrawal in Teen Patti Online App?

If you want to do Cash Withdrawal in Teen Patti Online App, then it is very easy by clicking on Withdraw Button, fill your Bank Account Details or UPI Details carefully and click on Withdraw.

👁Minimum Withdraw Rs.100

VIP Member In Teen Patti Online Game App?

Friends, this app has specially made a program for those users, which you call VIP plan. It’s on the right side of the game, click on it. After clicking, first you will get the option of Daily Bonus, where you can get Daily Bonus for 7 Days. After that there is a lot of talk about Sign In Bonus which you can easily claim. Not only this, you can also earn Weekly Bonus. Along with this, you will also get the option of Monthly Bonus. And you can also get Level Bonus. If you want to increase your VIP level, then you have to recharge so that your level can be upgraded.

3 Patti Online App Download Link

TeenPatti Online Contact Number | Helpline Number Online Teen Patti

If ever there is any kind of problem, like in your recharged game but o has not come. Or if your account is frozen or banned, then you can take customer support at that time. Just for this you will get the option of Support on the homepage of the game. By clicking on which you will be taken to Telegram. Where you will always find a customer agent online with whom you can talk.

  • Email: tnpkumar85741@gmail.com
  • WhatsApp Number : +639276921323

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Disclaimer : I will not suggest you to add money inside this application, if you add money, and lose it then you yourself are responsible for it. I or my website will not be responsible in this.

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