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Happy Ace Casino Apk Download – HappyAce Rummy App, How to Become a Happy Ace Casino Agent | Refer and Earn Happy Ace Total Commission

Hello friends, there is a very good news, Happyace Casino has launched its new version Happyace Casino Apk. Through this you can now earn thousands of rupees every day. In this you have to login and then different Teenpatti Games have been given in it, you have to share its referral link and earn money. Happyace Casino (Rummy) is a platform where you can earn 2 lakh rupees per month sitting at home. If you also want to earn money through Affiliate Marketing then this is a golden opportunity for you. In this post you will get all the information about Update Happy ace Casino App, so read this post completely.

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What is Happy Ace

Happyace is the most trusted platform  to earn cash money in India A huge amount of commission can be earned if you play the game at your leisure and invite your friends to play too. Earning millions monthly is no longer a dream

Happy Ace Online is a platform to earn money. With the help of this, you can earn money by promoting Real Cash Teenpatti. In this 4 Teen Patti Games have been given and in future more apps will also be added, by promoting which you can earn lakhs of rupees. About 4 million promoters are associated with this.

How to Use Happy Ace Rummy

To use Happy Ace Rummy, first open the app and create your account in it. After this, come to the home page and see games like Happy Ace Casino click on it to see the option written next to Get ₹ 20. Now share the link on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram. Apart from this, the option of Copy will also be seen by clicking there, copy the link and also share it on your YouTube Channel or Website. If someone logins Happy Ace Rummy Download from your link, then you will get 20 rupees and if he adds cash then he will get 30% commission. The more you share, the more money you will get a chance to earn.

Instant Withdrawal Instant Money Transfer

  • More than 100Rs of commission can be withdrawn. After withdrawal, the money comes to your pocket quickly. Join now and withdraw commission today!

High Commission High Rewards

  • You get unlimited commission, because commission will be sent to you after every time your invited friends increased, and the invited friends recharge in the game.

Easy and efficient Multiple possibilities

  • You will get commission after the people you invite top up. And if the invited people will continue to invite, and he will also bring you benefits after recharging. And so on.

Get rich quickly Double the rewards

  • The initial direct invitation revenue reaches a super high 6%, and it can be increased after each upgrade. The higher the level, the greater the level difference, and the higher the income.

1. How to earn Commission ? From Happy Ace Rummy Win

  • You can get up to 16% of each payments made by your referred players. The commission is valid forever. The higher your level is, the higher the commission percentage you can get.
  • If your affiliates or your affiliates’ referrals and so on, become an agent and their level is lower than its immediate superior, then you can get up to 10% of their affiliates’ recharge. The commission ratio depends on the level difference between you and your affiliates, the larger the level difference is , the more commissions you get.

2. How to invite your friends? Happy Ace Casino Teen Patti

  • Share the game via social media or share the referral link to your friends.
  • You get commission after your friends click the promotional link, download App, install the game and register.
  • The installation must be finished by the referral link. Sharing the App package by Sharelt etc is not allowed.
    The App is available for Android users only.

3. What’s the purpose of level? in HappyAce Casino

  • According to the activity and performance of proxy users, we have delineated 5 levels.
  • The higher your level is, the higher the commission percentage you get from the affiliates recharge.
  • Level difference: when the direct superior level minus the corresponding direct affiliate level ≥ 1, there is a level difference, otherwise there is no level difference.
  • The higher your level is, the higher the commission percentage you will get from the level difference recharge.

4. How to upgrade your level? in HappyAce Casino Agent

  • Your can get higher division if more referrals you bring to the game and the more they recharge.
  • If you have extraordinary promotional ability with channels, please get contact with our customer service center to verify your division.

5. How to obtain affiliates in HappyAce Casino

  • Log in to the Happyace game, share your referral link with your friends on the agent page, guide them to register from the link, and they can become your direct affiliates.
  • Encourage your affiliates to invite their friends to play games, and the friends they invite will become your indirect affiliates.
  • After your direct affiliates’ friends become your indirect affiliates, they can still develop their affiliates in this way. All their affiliates will be regarded as your indirect affiliates.

6. How to get commission from your indirect affiliates? in HappyAce Casino

The top-up player is your indirect affiliate, and any pair of direct superiors and direct affiliates between you and the player must have a level difference, otherwise no level difference commission will be generated.

The ratio of level difference commission is determined by your direct affiliates and your level difference on the line between you and the recharge player.


  • When B,C and D recharges, you get 16% of the current recharge amount as a commission.
  • When E recharges, you get 4% of the current recharge amount as a commission.
  • You do not get commission when F recharges
  • When G recharges, you get 8% of the current recharge amount as a commission.
  • When H recharges, you get 4% of the current recharge amount as a commission.
  • You do not get commission when I recharges

Vision of Happy Ace Platform

We aim at building a transparent and rules guaranteed platform for you to earn cash money online.

As game promoters, you can earn a huge amount of commission stably at your leisure here. As our clients, you will find target

game promoters cost – effectively. We want to create a more efficient direct marketing system and provide more job opportunities.

FAQs Happy Ace Casino

Is there a limit to how much money I can earn from game promotion?

  • No, there is no limit to the money you can earn from game promotion. Taurus
  • aims at building a transparent and rules guaranteed platform to earn cash
  • money online.

How to earn commission? From Happy Ace Game Apk

  • Develop direct affiliates, you can directly get commissions if they recharge.
  • Develop indirect affiliates, you will have a chance to share the profits when they recharge.

Why does my commission increase slowly?

If your commission increases slowly, there may be several reasons.

1. The number of your referrals increases slowly.

2.Your referrals are not active and playing in the game.

Normally the second reason is the main reason.

1.  Normally you can receive the money instantly, because after you start withdrawal, Happyace needs to verify the procedure. Besides, it also takes time for the bank to finish the money transferring.

2. What is the minimum/ maximum withdrawal amount

3. The minimum/maximum withdrawal amount depends on your chosen pay channel.

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